2018-11-19: Derechos Humanos en Tlaquepaque pidiendo ayuda al Governador de Jalisco

Hello, my name is Luis Fernando Lopez. I am from Honduras. I am in charge of the human resources for the caravan that we have been following. The caravan is 140 people from the city of Catacama, Honduras and we left on the 27th of October. Our motive is to ask the governor of Guadalajara, Mexico for help with a couple buses to leave here today. This is a big city and we need their help. We know they can help us. At this time their is 7 buses coming but that’s only for the people inside the shelter and the church. We want to keep going and are in need of their help.

How many people are with you?

140 people.

Are you ready to leave?

Yes, because we don’t have the resources we need to survive and the shelter can’t give us any more because we’ve depleted all of the food – so we want to keep moving forward.

How many women and how many children?

17 women and 4 people from LGTV. 4 kids under six, 3 girls and one boy.

Is anyone sick?

Not at this moment. So far everyone is okay. We need humanitarian help.

How can people contact you?

They can come here, send money to the government of Guadalajara so they can help us, or send money in WhatsApp.