2018-11-07: Many forces/goals/agendas, expectations and dreams.

“There are many forces/goals/agendas here, and many needs and expectations and dreams about, what may or not happen at the US Border. Lawyers don’t necessarily understand a politically charged heart and its idealism. Many here believe there is power in numbers, in this Exodus, and are under the idealistic belief that, somehow the uniqueness of this critical mass can move mountains, i.e., Trump.
The way this man spoke, reflects the sentiments of many here, in the caravan, (he speaks like an activist, with the words of an idealistic heart of a warrior, a person of faith) but the response of the layer afterward, represents the cold hard reality of the system, material realities, and laws. More on this later, and how these two, opposing world views are causing a conflict of interest here, in the encampment. But ultimately, it’s up
to the members of the caravan, to decide how to proceed. My sense is the Mexican govt’s is doing everything in its power, to stop/dissuade the caravan from going north— by sending in a critical mass of social services, govt agencies, as well, as working through NGO’s, attempting to register Central Americans into their asylum process.”