2018-11-06: Jessie arrived in Mexico City

“Blessings and love to everyone: I arrived in Mexico City a couple hours ago, but I’m still sitting here, inside, in a coffee shop, I had to get my bearings before heading out.
And I am so glad I did because I’m sitting across two amazing kindred spirits, from Oaxaca, from Juchitan, the area known, as El Istmo of Oaxaca, (where, just very recently they suffered a huge earthquake), and where, they just finished hosting hundreds of people from the Central American “caravan”!

My new friends from Oaxaca, (who, I literally just met, right after I accidentally spilled my coffee all over their side of the table, and almost destroyed one of their tablets 😔😅) have been offering the ministry and resources of their church, in the service of the asylum seekers, by sponsoring and organizing two huge trucks, filled with doctors, nurses, medics and medical supplies traveling with the caravan.

So, yeah. Yeah… breathing

Needless to say, my heart is swelling with so much joy, and I’m feeling like this is a message, from the ancestors, welcoming me, and telling me, I am standing, exactly where I need to be right now in this universe.”