2018-11-05: SF Bay Area, Jessie letting friends know she is going to Mexico and asking for support.

“Dear friends and comrades:

The Caravan of asylum seekers will be arriving in Mexico City tomorrow. I’ve been asked, along with many other volunteers, to fly down to the other side of the border, to help with that huge undertaking– logistical, moral and material aide will be needed to help, as asylum seekers enter and travel through that part of the Mexican territory, on their journey north.

I’ve meditated, prayed, and have asked for guidance from many trusted comrades, and have attempted to rally others to organize a Solidarity Caravan from the #SFBAY (and I hope this happens!!!), but when I received an email today, asking me, if I was willing to head south– I heard a calling, and realized this was, where my efforts could best serve.

I don’t know if this also means that I would be traveling north, toward the border, with our asylum seekers, after Mexico City. To be honest, I’m leaving myself open, letting the path show itself to me– to mold me, as a traveller and fighter in our Struggle. At some point though, I do envision all of us, People of the Sun, and our various diverse communities of resistance, meeting up together, at the Border.

I’m trying to get to Mexico City, ASAP. If you can support me, and help me purchase a flight ticket/or help with funding for travel expenses, I would really appreciate this.
This is my PayPal link: https://paypal.me/featheredpebble